Exatlón All Star: They accuse the program of fraud and present evidence (VIDEO)

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Just started the Azteca reality show, Exatlon All Star Mexico, and the comments regarding this popular program in which the finalists and semi-finalists of the past five seasons were summoned are already the order of the day; but now they are being accused of fraud.

And it is that now a recording was released in which it cannot be denied that in the production they have some unprofessional practices that can be considered as a deception for the viewers who are tuning in to the issue of the Ajusco television station.

Mexican athletes are putting all their efforts into this program, and even the athlete macky gonzalez He exposed himself to overexertion in order to please his followers by appearing in the new season of the program, even putting his own health at risk.

For that reason, the public is disappointed Exathlon All Starso now they accuse the program of fraud and present evidence through a video that the same production shared and that was even broadcast on Azteca.

Exatlón All Star the fraud that was exposed in social networks

In various social networks, some recordings began to emerge in which you can see a flaw in the edition of the program that would show that some movements are made behind the console to favor some of the competitors of the sports challenge reality show.

The moment that the audience realized was when Heber Gallegos was involved in the alleged fraud in a circuit in which when entering and leaving through a door, he enters with a shirt and leaves without it, with a naked torso. How did you take it off and put the harness back on?

“The magic of Exatlon that shows us that everything is fixed JAJAJAJAJAJAJ Heber starts without a shirt, in the middle he decides to put it on again, but it made him hot and he took it off in 2 seconds to finish his career,” said a user on networks.

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Here you can see the video:

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