Floyd Mayweather: why did he dress like a Mexican in a fight?

Far from what you might think Floyd Mayweather has a great bond with Mexico. And it is that beyond the fact that the boxer came to win the animosity of the aztecs for his triumphs against national boxers, Money has made his affection for our country more than clear.

And for proof what happened on May 5, 2007, when Mayweather stepped into the ring to face Oscar de la hoya ‘dressed like a Mexican’; that occasion the American came out in a gown with the traditional green, white and red colors, while on his head he wore a charro hat

At that time Money He was very clear and explained the reason why he paid tribute to Mexico, because he considers that it is a country widely knowledgeable about boxing.

“When I faced Oscar de la Hoya, a fight that had a sales record, I wore the colors of Mexico and a giant hat. That was for my Mexican fans. They know boxing and they know a great boxer when they see one.. They appreciate sports and I feel that they respect me as a boxer and for my undefeated record,” he said at the time Mayweather.

there are more reasons

In addition, Floyd Mayweather explained a few years ago his appreciation for the Mexican people, because there were people from our country in his work team, but not only on the boxing issue, but also on the personal issue.

“You know, I have something related to Mexico. One of my best friends is the lady who has taken care of my house for 15 years. She’s Mexican, she’s adorable, she’s honest,” he said. Money, who also highlighted that time the poblano Raphael Garcia, who put the bandage on the American every time he entered the ring

Also Rafa Garcia, he’s like my grandfather, he’s honest, I love him.”said the boxer, who that time he beat ├ôscar de la Hoya.

Mayweather and the Mexican boxers he beat

  • Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (2013)
  • Juan Manuel Marquez (2009)
  • Jose Luis Castillo (2002)
  • Jose Luis Castillo (2002)
  • Gregory Vargas (2000)
  • Felipe Garcia (1997)
  • Jesus Chavez (1997)
  • Roberto Apodaca (1996)

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