British club signs a footballer who raped a woman

The Raith Roversa club of the scottish second divisionhas become the center of criticism in the country for his decision to hire David Goodwillfootballer who raped a girl in 2011, which has led the writer Val McDermid, known for her novels of intrigue and crime, to withdraw her support and sponsorship of the club.

McDermid, who has been a Raith Rovers fan for decades, lends her name to the club’s shirts and one of the stadium’s stands stark park. However, the decision to sign Goodwillie has ended his relationship with the club.

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I have canceled my sponsorship of the club’s shirt for next season after this disgusting move. This debunks any intention of being a community or a family at the club,” McDermid said in a statement.

“Goodwillie has never shown not an ounce of regret for the rape he committed. His presence at Starks Park is a stain on the club. I’m also going to break my season ticket. This is heartbreaking for me and other fans.”

goodwillies, of 32 yearscame to play for the Scottish national team and among the clubs in which he has played include Dundee United, Aberdeen and Crystal Palace.

The rape charge

In 2011, a woman accused Goodwillie and another player of the Dundee UnitedDavid Robertson abusing her after a night out. Both players admitted having sexual relations with the girl, but maintained that they were consensual.

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The judge determined that the amount of alcohol consumed by the girl influenced her decision-making and that in that state “could not give consent”, for which he decreed that both soccer players raped her. But the lack of evidence caused her punishment to be only a payment of 100,000 pounds (120,000 euros) to the woman for the damage caused.

“Just thinking about rapist David Goodwillie running across the field with my name on his shirt makes me sickMcDermid added.

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