Argentine journalists dismiss Cruz Azul for ‘signing’ Romero

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It seems that in Argentina did not like at all that Angel Romero Hay favorite to play in Blue Cross instead of Boca Juniorsbecause Argentine journalists from TyC Sports attacked not only to mexican teambut also to his own signingSo I argue that ‘sold for a few dollars more’.

Cruz Azul has not yet made official the signing of Angel Romero but it is said that everything is practically tied up. In Argentina already saw him in Boca Juniors, but it seems that this will not happen.

The Argentine journalist’s criticism of Cruz Azul and Romero

During a live show, they rushed against anglethe rosemary First of all, highlighting that It’s been a long time since I’ve played well and that before the chance from play in a big as it is Boca Juniors, preferred to go to Cruz Azul.

“Let’s see, a player who hasn’t played well for a long time, because remember that after the scoring tie it deflated like a balloon. Was the chance from relaunch your career with the t-shirt Mouth with all that it represents and the type por a couple of dollars you go to Cruz Azul… To Cruz Azul?

Diego Cagnaanother character at the TyC Sports table, even he thanked God that Romero went to Cruz Azulbecause within Argentine soccer it was not going to contribute much besides that it was a problem.

Thank God that Ángel Romero is not coming to Boca. He seems to me to be a problematic player, he was going to cause problems in the locker room. It seems positive to me that he did not arrive at the institution”, he commented on the air.

The transfer market in Mexicoor this one close to closing and despite the casualties in this Opening 2022, Cruz Azul signed great reinforcements.

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