UAEMex Faculty of Medicine announces mandatory sanitary measures

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In order to provide greater security and protection to students, the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, indicated the sanitary measures with which the 2,705 students must comply compulsorily who will return to the classroom on February 1, as well as those who rejoin during the week.

Based on the Action Protocol developed by the UAEMex since the previous year to prevent the presence of contagion in the university community, the Faculty of Medicine managed internal guidelines for a safe return, which are:

  • Mandatory use of KN95 or KF94 face masks for greater safety, since according to experts in the educational space, they are the ones that protect up to 95 percent from contracting covid-19 infection.
  • Temperature record at the entrance.
  • They will keep the classrooms ventilated at all times, with open windows and doors, constant hand washing or application of antibacterial gel.
  • Avoid crowds and not appear at the Faculty in case it is not necessary, as well as maintain a healthy distance of at least 1.5 meters between one person and another.

Necessary to carry personal care kit

Likewise, he explained that students must carry a personal care kit, which contains: two spare face masks and antibacterial gel, and urges the student enrollment to be responsible with their health and the health of others, for which ordered that at the first presence of a probable symptom of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, the student communicates it with the school authorities and goes to the Family Medical Unit of the Faculty to process the registration in the IMSS and obtain the Social Security Number (NSS).

Preventive actions

On the other hand, the Internal Committee for Protection and University Safety and the Environment of the Faculty detailed that in case of having a positive case of covid-19 in any of the classrooms, the director of the academic space will be reported immediately, the student will be abstained like the rest of the group to which he belongs and the teachers who had contact with him, to take virtual classes for a period of seven calendar days.

In the same way, if any member of the community had contact with a person carrying the virus, will be quarantined for seven calendar days and must inform the authorities of the educational center to take the pertinent actions.


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