Éric Abidal’s wife assures that ‘Kheira Hamraoui is diabolical’

Eric Abidal’s wife Hayet Abidal, whose name was implicated in the investigation into the assault suffered in November by the PSG soccer player Kheira Hamraoui, assured on Monday that she felt betrayed and taken “for an idiot”, and called the player and lover of her husband “diabolical”.

I opened the doors of my house. I went to support her in her matches in Barcelona. My children still remember her. (…) this girl is devilish“, he indicated in an interview granted to the French newspaper Le Parisian.

The three coincided in Barcelona, since the player was at the Spanish club from 2018 to June 2021 and the former French international was Barça sports director between 2018 and 2020.

Hamraoui, 32, was beaten in the legs with an iron bar by two hooded men on the night of November 4, outside Paris, while driving with his PSG teammate Aminata Diallo.

Investigators questioned Diallo about the possibility that she hired the hit men to injure Hamraoui and thus gain his starting job at PSG, but he was released without charge, and possible personal revenge was also explored.

“I have nothing to do with this case”, assured Hayet Abidal, married in 2007 to the former player and mother of his five children.

Hayet said she found out about the extramarital relationship after the attack and asked for a divorce when Éric Abidal confessed to her.

“Our marriage has been through a lot of bumps that I’d rather not talk about and of course Kheira Hamraoui was not the first. Éric did not apologize to my face and he has not defended me either never of the accusations or rumors that weighed on me”, he lamented.

Hayet Abidal said she felt hurt because when the player arrived in Barcelona they became friends.

I helped her integrate, as I do with many players. Until I discovered, after a while, that I had strange and sometimes out of place behavior with my husband and other men. I didn’t hear from her again until this story.”

Hayet Abidal believes that Diallo is another collateral victim and sees “feasible” the possibility that a cheated woman wanted revenge.

According to information published in November about the case, Diallo and Hamraui heard one of the assailants say: “So what’s going on? Do we sleep with married men?“.

“I have received an incredible number of messages on Instagram from wives of husbands, famous or not, who the same thing happened to me with Kheira Hamraoui. The investigators have a lot of work ahead of them,” said Hayet Abidal in Le Parisien, where she also stressed that Hamraoui may not be telling “the whole truth.”

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