10 things that two of the last Cruz Azul idols have in common

There are two names that have to be present when talking about the last idols he has had Blue Cross: Oscar Perez Y Christian Gimenez, the last two men who have conquered the heart of the cement hobby for what they have achieved and what they have shown on the field while they defended the jersey to the death.

In one of those curiosities of life, and football, ‘Rabbit’ and ‘Chaco’ celebrate their birthdays on the same day, February 1; the historic Mexican goalkeeper was born on a day like today, but 1973while the charismatic Argentine midfielder did it in 1981.

That is why here we review at least 10 things, in addition to the date they came into the world, that two of the last two great idols of Cruz Azul: Óscar the ‘Rabbit’ Pérez, who currently works as a goalkeeper coach in the cement team and Christian the ‘Chaco’ Giménezwho took the path as technical director and awaits the moment when he can return to directing Machine.

1.- They are idols of Cruz Azul

In the last three decades, the most difficult in its history for Blue Crossthere have been few men who have sweated, suffered and cried the shirt, as they did; Oscar Perez directing the game from the goal and Christian Gimenez orchestrating from midfield, both captains of their time.

The ‘Rabbit‘ He trained as a goalkeeper in the quarry of Machinedebuted at First division under the cement arch in 1993, he became Champion in the last League title won by the team from The Ferris Wheel and for 15 years defended the goal of Blue Cross.

For his part, ‘Chaco‘ came as a great promise to the ranks of Machinewhen at the end of 2009 it was confirmed as the reinforcement ‘bomb‘ and it did not disappoint; He was a leader like no other during the seven years he wore the light blue jersey and he never hesitated to show his face when required.

2.- They won the Concacaf Champions League with Cruz Azul

The goalkeeper born in Mexico City was not only one of the historic players who turned around in the Winter 1997 in the local championship, he also did it, and twice, in the Concacaf Champions League, then call Champions League. In this same year, theRabbit‘ celebrated the bi-championship in the continental tournament.

17 years later, Machine would win his sixth trophy in the competition of the Concacafled by his captain and one of his best men: Christian Gimenez, midfielder born in Argentina was consecrated as Champions League Champion in 2014, on the court of The Bombonera.

3.- They won the MX Cup with Cruz Azul

Another of the titles that both conquered in Blue Cross was the MX Cup; Oscar Perez won it in the most glorious last year of Machinein 1997when it was still called Mexico Cup, under the command of Victor Manuel Vucetichwhile Christian Gimenez raised the trophy in 2013, the year in which the cement team broke the drought of titles, which it had had since that winter of 1997, after beating atlantean at Andres Quintana Roo Stadium.

4.- They cried for Cruz Azul

If anyone knows what it is to love the t-shirt of Blue Cross are they. Both showed on more than one occasion all the love they had for this team when they dropped their tears on their light blue armor.

One of the times he did the ‘Rabbit‘ was after losing the Final of the Libertadores Cupin view of Boca Juniorsin Buenos Aires, after falling in the penalty shootout and being the Mexican team that has been closest to glory in the tournament of the Conmebolthe cement idol hugged Francis Palencia disconsolate.

While one of the scenes most remembered by the celestial fans with the ‘Chaco‘ was in the unusual Final of Closing 2013when the tragedy took place before America and in five minutes Blue Cross he let out the ninth star. Then Gimenez he collapsed and was seen shattered like never before, even the then coach of America, Michael Herrera She went over to comfort him.

5.- Libertadores played in Cruz Azul

The former goalkeeper, who is celebrating his 48th birthday, was part of the historic team of Blue Cross who first put Mexico in a Final of the Libertadores Cupin that unforgettable 2001, and although he lost it in a penalty shootout, at La Bombonera, he earned the respect of the entire continent for imposing authority and beating teams like River Plate, Rosario Centraland even the team itself. Xeneize in the lap of the Final.

For his part, the midfielder who is celebrating his 40th birthday also had to represent Machine in this continental tournament; he did it in 2012, in the last participation of the club in the tournament, however, for this edition the light blue team did not transcend and was eliminated from the Round of 16, after falling to Liberty from Paraguay.

6.- They played in Pachuca

Christian Gimenez was part of one of the most glorious decades in the history of Pachucabefore putting on the T-shirt of Blue Crosshad a brilliant passage through the Tuzoswhere was League Champion in Clausura 2007, twice of the Concachampions and part of the historic team that first won the South American Cupin 2006, so it did not take him long to establish himself as an idol and benchmark for the people of Hidalgo.

But ‘Rabbit‘ was not far behind, because despite the fact that he arrived in the final stretch of his career, from 2013 to 2018, he was a fundamental piece for the Tuzos will be crowned in MX League in 2016 and a year later in the Concacaf Champions League, earning the affection and respect of the Hidalgo fans.

In 2018 they met for the first time as teammates, because after saying goodbye to Blue Crossthe ‘Chaco‘ Return to Pachucawhere the goalkeeper was living the last years of his professional career.

7.- They could not withdraw in Cruz Azul

Despite having consecrated themselves as idols of Blue Crossneither him ‘Rabbit‘, neither ‘Chaco‘ were able to close their careers in the team they loved, because in The Ferris Wheel they were not given a place in the team to be like that, so both had to say goodbye as professionals on the pitches with the jersey of Pachucaboth in 2018.

8.- They played with the Cruz Azul shirt in the ‘farewell match’

Even so, the two returned to wear the La Maquina shirt, because in 2019, the team that saw him born as a footballer ‘Rabbit’ Pérez paid tribute to him at the Azteca Stadium, where he was moved to tears and defended the cement arch for the last time, in less than a minute; he received the ball, kissed it and left the court for the last time.

That same year, ‘Chaco’ Gimenez prepared his farewell party, with the support of the boards of both Blue Cross as well as from Pachuca, so the midfielder played half time with the representative team of La Maquina and the second half with the Tuzos team.

9.- They played in the Mexican National Team

One of the best soccer players that has given Mexicoand one of the best goalkeepers in its history, is Oscar Perezso imminently defended the arch of the Mexican team for more than 10 years, being part of the historic Cup Champion team Confederations in 1999in addition to being World Cup three times, and Champion of the Gold Cup.

Despite not being born in Mexicothe love of ‘Chaco‘ for the country was so much that he became a Mexican citizen and his desire to defend the jersey of the Tri It was fulfilled in 2013, the year in which he managed to play five games with the Aztec team.

10.- Referents of Mexican soccer

Thus, after 15 and 25 years of career in Mexican soccer, Christian Gimenez Y Oscar Perezrespectively, managed to consecrate themselves as two great referents of the courts in Mexicobecause thanks to their successful careers they were able to earn the respect and admiration of the fans, not only of Blue Cross, but of football lovers in general, who without hesitation can call them idols.

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