Nursing and medical students conclude social service in Sanitary Jurisdiction 01

During the afternoon of this Monday, a certificate delivery ceremony was held for 19 nursing and medical students, who concluded their social service in the Sanitary Jurisdiction number 1 based in the municipality of Piedras Negras, corresponding to the 2021-2022 generation.

“Today another stage is concluded, of personnel in training, who year after year come here to the Sanitary Jurisdiction to offer their social service in the different areas of health and in this case, they conclude their social service, students of Medicine and nursing careers are already reintegrating or starting to carry out their professional activity,” said Carlos Manuel de Jesús Huerta Sánchez, the unit’s teaching coordinator.


The ceremony was held in the meeting room of the Health Center of the Mundo Nuevo de Piedras Negras neighborhood, which is located next to Sanitary Jurisdiction 01 and was attended by Iván Alejandro Moscoso González, head of Sanitary Jurisdiction 01, the Dr. Lizeth Camarillo, director of the health center.

The teaching coordinator of the Sanitary Jurisdiction 01, pointed out that on the part of the dependency it is the delivery of his letter of conclusion of his social service; then they must continue with the corresponding procedure in their educational institution to carry out the corresponding procedure of their title.


“Having support of this type is very important due to the pandemic we are going through and thanks to the interventions they carried out, they helped this to be carried out in a much better way for this Jurisdiction,” said Carlos Manuel de Jesús Huerta in recognition of the work carried out by the students who conclude their social service.

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