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In a game dominated by U.S, the selection of Canada He knew how to take advantage of two of the three clearest goal arrivals he had, and with a 2-0 he beat the Stars and Stripes, thus taking an important step towards qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

An early goal from Cyle Larin, in an exit attempt by the American goalkeeper and another over the compensation time, were enough for the Canadians to add their sixth victory of the Concacaf Octagonal Final and they reached 22 units, confirming themselves in first place in the general table.

Matt Turner he cleared a ball to midfield. With the head Anthony Caye recovered and sent the ball to Larin, who made a fast wall with jonathan david, remaining alone inside the area and crossing a powerful shot to make it 1-0 when the clock barely marked the seventh minute.

after the goal U.S woke up and went with everything to the front. He took possession of the ball and began to advance lines until he put pressure on the goal of Milan Borj√°n, who was confident on occasions when the Americans came dangerously close.

In the complementary part, things did not change much. The visitors maintained dominance and had the best opportunities to match the score, however, the offensive apparatus was not precise when it came to making the last pass or defining against the Canadian goalkeeper.

U.S he tried until the end, but he couldn’t tie the match, and already when the clock was over the stoppage time Sam Adekugbe He put the second and definitive to finalize the victory of the group of the maple leaf.

With this disaster, the American team thus added the second defeat of the competition and keeping 18 units, one more than Mexico, who faces this afternoon against Costa Rica and could overtake him.

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