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On the last BBVA Mexico user hours they have reported on their social networks that the bank is charging them on cards of debit the concept of ‘membership’. They affirm that they were unaware of it and the fees are around 50 pesos.

The annoyance of the users lies in the fact that the bank had told them in the past that handling debit cards and payroll accounts does not generate charges.

So that ‘you don’t get caught in a curve’, we share with you the recommendations that the bank gave to avoid the membership fee:

  • BBVA explained that by using your card you have the right to four free cash withdrawals. From the fifth to the eighth, a charge of 25 pesos is generated. If there are more than eight of these movements, the cost of membership will be 50 pesos monthly.
  • The bank invited users to obtain cash in the modality ‘Withdraw without card’, available in the Digital Banking app of the financial institution, where you can generate a code for the operation you need. You enter these numbers in the ATM and that’s it.
  • You can alsomimic the amount of withdrawals from ATMs maximum you can do four a month.
  • You can visit the branch office bank to request window the cash withdrawal.

Now you know, you must have better control and management of the withdrawals you make if you have a debit card or payroll account at BBVA.

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