Chatón Enríquez denies insults towards Muma Fernández

Jorge “Chaton” Enriquezmidfielder of deer fc of the Expansion League, clarified what happened after the accusations of the Honduran Carlos Fernandez, Reinforcement of the team that terminated its contract in the middle of the week for alleged racist attacks.

In an interview for Mediotiempo, the Chaton Enriquez explained that after Tuesday’s game in which they were tied by Tabasco Cougars, there was a strong disgust within the squad and there was loud talk both on the field and in the locker room once the match was over. However, despite the hot environment that was experienced, at no point were personal insults hurled to the nicknamed Honduran muma fernandez.

“I do not pass nothing out of the ordinary that it is in a soccer game that we are kicked out at the end with one player less than the rival team, we tied the game and it was painful for us. Up to that point nothing out of place had happened. The team stormed out in general, hurt by the result, but regarding what happened with this player we had a talk, a confrontation on the field for purely football situations and in the locker room they talked loud as usually happens in any team and I don’t know why this guy took what happened personally, nothing was said to him. They spoke in general loudly, that was all that happened and I don’t know why he gives those statements if at no time was he treated badly and things were merely talked about soccer, ”he said.

Even the Mexican soccer player was surprised by the way in which Fernandez He attributed the situation and also how what happened influenced him to leave the Yucatecan institution after arriving as a reinforcement for this Closure 2022.

“I have seen in all the places I have been, it has happened to me many times and i thought i saw it all but in my life I had seen a player leave a team like this because of a situation. It surprises me that he did it that way and to say that it was due to situations of insults to his person. Nobody here treated him badly or did anything to make him leave.

“Speaking of the professional, I think that it’s an absurd way to go well from a group that treated him well. I thought I had seen everything in soccer and I had not seen this, that a player leaves on Date 4 leaving a group without one less player, even me i tried to talk to him for him to be with us and in the end you can’t have a player who doesn’t want to be there”.

whole person

And it is that the Honduran player pointed out that Enriquez would have been one of those they insulted, situation that the mexican denied since he was considered a person with values ​​and also the importance of the club he currently represents.

“It is something that has been fought for years, eradicate discrimination, the sexism, the homophobia and the racism. I have been in this for many years and I have been empathic, they can criticize me for my way of playing or what I do on the pitch, but outside I have always been a person of integrity and I represent an institution with values”.

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