They would go to the bench against Costa Rica, at last Martino would listen to the fans

Funes Morí in training with Martino's national team and conference
Funes Morí in training with Martino’s national team and conference

Another hard-won victory that Mexico got this Thursday in Kingston, because they were down on the scoreboard with everything and had one more man on the court, little show, little desire and the score against forced Martino to move the pieces.

Despite having achieved the three points as a visitor, Gerardo Martino’s command continues to leave many doubts within the Tri, that is why the fans raise their voices and go with everything against some footballers who they consider should not be more in the starting eleven.

It seems that Martino has finally listened to the requests of the fans and would decide to give the opportunity to players who changed the course of the game, so both Funes Mori and Jesús Gallardo would eat bench against Costa Rica, to give minutes to Henry Martín and Gerardo Arteaga .

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The minutes that the Genk winger and the center forward from América delivered in the duel against Jamaica were good, that is why Martino would finally listen to the fans and seat two of his favorites in the starting 11.


Another that would lose the title against Costa Rica would be “The Little Prince” because the injury suffered during the match would not allow him to start and if Edson Álvarez is ready there would be no room for the Betis player.

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