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Omicron has accelerated COVID-19 infections around the world, however, unlike other variants, this one has caused lower mortality rates.

In the midst of the uncertainty that the world still faces regarding the pandemic, the question arises as to whether it is possible for a person to be infected with this variant again and how many times this could happen.

“If you catch omicron, you will probably be protected for the next 90 days. Most people who had omicron had good neutralizing activity, and what we don’t know is how long that neutralizing activity lasts. What we have learned is that if a person had delta or pre-omicron, those do not protect you from having omicron”, explained Carlos del Río, distinguished professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Emory University, in EF Meet Point. Pandemic, what to expect from ómicron?

It is important not to let your guard down, because “omicron can be as severe as other variants, even if you are vaccinated, the number of hospitalizations will increase”, added the specialist.

The stage is still delicate. On January 26, the WHO reported 21 million new cases of coronavirus, “the worst weekly data since the start of the pandemic”, according to the agency.

To avoid the risk of reinfection, it is important that whenever we are in closed or semi-closed environments, and even in congregations of people outdoors, wear a face mask and maintain a healthy distance, as well as having a correct ventilation in the areas where you work or teach.

And the fundamental thing is that the people who develop disease symptoms or who suspect they have COVID-19 should voluntarily self-isolate.

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