Janelly Farías pronounces on Harrington’s insults to Rayadas

After what happened in America vs Rayadas of the Liga MX Femenil, a meeting in which the Águilas coach, Craig Harrington, insulted elements of the Monterrey team, Janelly Farías issued a statement. The defender of the capital team spointed out that what your technician did has no justification and, although passion is normal in football, it cannot be used to disrespect.

In the first paragraph of the text, Farías assures that “Justify this type of action (the insults) generate the kind of abusive culture that so much we are fighting in the world for eradicater“, to which he added that “Fighting for equity in soccer does not mean that all actions that occur in men’s soccer should be evaluated in the same way in women’s.”

On expressing his opinion on the subject, the defender pointed out that it is something very painful for her, but reiterated that keeping quiet was not an option since she had the need from express how disappointed I am by what happened“.

I am very clear that ignoring what happened would be disappointing all the girls who see us as an example and that they expect us to continue creating the path for them. That fairer future depends on our voice,” he added.

Harrington’s apology

Given what happened last Monday, the technician apologized after learning that he was banned for three games. In a short video, the Englishman accepted having insulted the Rayadas players and acknowledged that what he said “has no place.”

“Hello everyone, I just want to continue with what happened on Monday afternoon and sincerely offer a sorryto to our opponents, to the fans and to my own players because of the language I used. It’s totally unacceptable It has no place in our sport and nowhere in society.”

What did Craig Harrington say?

In the meeting between America and Rayadas, Rebeca Bernal and Diana García denounced that the Águilas coach had insulted them, so the referee, Lizzet Amairany García Olvera, kicked him out of the game.

According to various sources, the América Femenil strategist told them ‘Fuck off’, a situation that led him to be sanctioned by the Disciplinary Commission and led to a statement from his team, which will punish him internally.

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