Checo Pérez’s worst embarrassment in F1 due to diarrhea

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The Mexican driver with the longest career in Formula 1 that in more than a decade accumulates countless anecdotes. Part of Red Bull Racing and key piece for Max Verstappen to achieve the World Drivers’ Championship, the Mexican Sergio “Checo” Pérez experienced an embarrassing episode he says he will never forget.

This story was shared by himself. Czech Perez to the social networks of his team, remembering that when he belonged to another team he suffered a uncontrollable diarrhea for which he defecated inside his suit -literally- while doing a runway reconnaissance in Austin, Texas.

Once I had a very bad stomach, my belly. I was walking on a track and during that walk there was no bathroom nearby. I couldn’t stand it anymore, to top it off I had all the team engineers around me and nor where to do me. I don’t want to go into details, but You can imagine what happened, the accident, that was horrible, the most embarrassing. I will never forget that lap at the Austin circuit,” said the driver from Guadalajara, whose salary will be raised at Red Bull Racing by 2022.

The amazing thing is that Czech told the anecdote in June 2021 in reference to his most embarrassing moment in F1 until then. Ironically, in October of that same year he would also suffer from stomach problems at the Grand Prix of the Americas held in Austin, achieving a creditable third place despite dehydration from the first lap.

Czech promises better things for 2022

With the 2022 season of the Grand Automobile Circus agreed to start at the end of March, the Mexican assured that this new year will be of great things because the preparation and adaptation has been complete, unlike what he experienced in his first year with Red Bull Racing, where he practically had to learn everything on the fly.

“It was a slow adaptation, with a very different car and a very different engine. There were a lot of things to learn with a new team, practically without testing. Before the first race I did a day and a half, I had not done anything before. But overall, I think it was a promising season. Obviously, I would have expected more,” he pointed out to motor sport.

“You have to learn new techniques. Basically what I used to do, nothing worked here. It would be the same, for example, if Max went to Mercedes, because they are very different. They produce very similar lap times, but the way they get the lap time is extremely different.”

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