The Azteca Stadium weighs to annoy the Mexican National Team: José Ramón Fernández

Joserra supported the idea of ​​the Atlético de Madrid midfielder due to the homophobic cry that persists among the fans

Jose Ramon Fernandezjournalist from ESPNcoincided with Hector Herreraa midfielder for Tri and Atlético de Madrid, in the hypothesis that the fans who come to the Aztec stadium does not weigh, because he believes that he only does it “to annoy the Mexican team”.

“I agree with him, the fan does not weigh in the Azteca and when more or less he has made good entries, it weighs to annoy the Mexican National Team, because he messes with the rival and the FIFA punishments come. The Mexican fan is very special, he demands that he score and win, that he play the best soccer in the world, he is not going to do it and the rival, if he is small, at 0-0 or 1-0, messes with the goalkeeper , the homophobic shouts are coming, the punishment is coming again from FIFA”, he commented. Jose Ramon Fernandez in Chronometer.

Héctor Herrera commented that he would like the “fans of the Azteca Stadium to squeeze more”as the followers of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama do, to make the rival feel that “he is not welcome”.

Now, in the game against Panama and Costa Rica, which will be played at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula, Mexico will play with only two thousand fans, to test a new access control, which will help put an end to the homophobic cry that is persecuted by FIFA.

“With two thousand spectators, chosen by Yon de Luisa, who has a club of friends or admirers, to be still or silent, and applaud everything that Mexico does. The Azteca does not weigh, perhaps the structure that will be modernized or the height, for some teams, especially Panama, which comes from the Caribbean”, added José Ramón Fernández.

It is expected that for the games against the United States and El Salvador, on the FIFA date of March, there will already be an attendance of at least 30,000 people at the venue in the country’s capital.

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