Know the age, how tall and how were the artistic beginnings of Evaluna

Evaluna Mercedes Reglero Rodriguez, from 24 years, is the youngest of the Montaner family who has been dedicated to music since her father, transferring it to all her children. After twelve years active, she has become internationally known as an actress and also as a singer.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, on August 7, 1997, she is one of the five children of the famous singer Ricardo Montaner and sister of the Pop duo Mau & Ricky. However, the girl was raised from the age of 4 in Miami, Florida, where she was eradicated with her family.


Evaluna studied at The Cushman, Florida, where she stayed until she was 13 years old and then began learn from home. Throughout his childhood, he learned to play piano, harp, as well as various types of dance.

Beginnings of Evaluna

The Venezuelan began her world career with only 4 years by appearing in his father’s video clip for the song “If I had to choose”. Likewise, almost a decade later, he had the opportunity to appear on Argentine screens for the talk show where he sang his first debut cover of the band “Switchfoot”.

By the age of 15, Evaluna went on tour with her father in the “Frequent Flyer Tour“, interpreting the catholic ballad “La Gloria de Dios”, which gave way to the release of his first single “Si Exist” a year later.

Since then, Evaluna has participated on more than one occasion in the jesus fest in Argentina and has released solo songs such as “Uno Más Uno”, “Me Liberé” and “Por Tu Amor”. In addition, she has collaborated with her husband on singles that reflect important moments for them, among which the announcement of their pregnancy and the ceremony of his marriage.

actress career

At the age of 13, Evaluna began her course in acting with Nickelodeon Latin America, where for 2 seasons she gave life to Melanie Esquivel, the sister of the protagonist in the youth series called “Grachi”.

In 2014, the Montaner family moved to Los Angeles, giving Evaluna the opportunity to appear in the film “Hot Pursuit“, in which he gave life to the character of Teresa Cortez, a fifteen-year-old. In this film he was able to work alongside Sofía Vergara and Reese Witherspoon.

On more than one occasion, Evaluna has appeared as the protagonist or extra in video clips of her husband Camilo Echeverry, giving life to songs like “Don’t go”, “Tutu” (ft. Pedro Capó), “Titanic” (by Kany García) and “Tattoo Remix” (ft. Rauw Alejandro).

After 9 years of its appearance in Nickelodeon, Evaluna returned as the protagonist of the series club 57, where it gives life to Eva, a lover of science and mathematics, who unfortunately has been trapped in the year 1957.

How tall is Evaluna?

The youngest of the Montaners has a stature, in his own words, of 1.46 meters, after the curiosity of his followers because cThe Montaner Clan is constantly uploading family photos and Evaluna’s height stands out compared to the rest of the group.

Likewise, her husband Camilo usually calls her by the nickname “Flea”, which gave more clues to her height, however, Evaluna herself commented on Instagram that this was due to how she clung to him and did not let go.

How many months pregnant are you?

It can be deduced that Evaluna has approximately 6 months pregnant, since according to Ricardo Montaner, the grandfather of the baby who will be called Indigo, would be born at the end of March or beginning of April.

In October 2021, Evaluna and Camilo released the official video clip of the song whose name is the same as their future offspring. However, months later through the podcast “In the room with Evaluna”, he spoke about his infertility problems and the diagnosis that the doctors had given him about his inability to have children, cataloging what happened as a miracle.

Relationship with Camilo Echeverry

One of the most beloved loves in the Latin American music industry is Camilo and Evaluna, the couple who their romance began in 2015 And three years later they were already getting engaged in a movie theater so that, in 2020, they would say “yes” in their marriage union.

The couple is currently waiting for their first fruit of the love that they have and that Camilor constantly remembers in songs that he writes and dedicates to his wife. Hence the famous songs “Medialuna”, “Favorito” and “Vida de Rico” have emerged.

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Business stage of Evaluna

Recently, the “Flea” decided to venture into another area, away from music and acting, and fulfill his dream of having his own line of shoes, this time with the help of the signature of the renowned Argentine designer, Ricky Sarkany.

Happiness. Sarkany by Evaluna, posted on his Instagram account lstar of Nickelodeon’s “Club 57” to promote the launch of boot and heel designs that she has designed herself.

However, the singer’s fans have been dissatisfied due to the price of the shoes, the cheapest costing $20,000 Argentine, which is around 200 dollars for a couple of this collection.

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