Iván García could leave diving due to scholarship reduction

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After seeing action last year during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Mexican Ivan Garcia questioned its continuity in diving, this due to the scholarship reduction that he suffered after his performance in the summer fair.

“Obviously I have to see the question of my scholarship, because they haven’t paid me since August, so no matter how much love I have for diving, I must support my family, and I understand that they will give me a scholarship of six thousand pesos.

“I want to clarify that I never did sports for money, but because I like it, but I need to see if there is a restructuring, because I can’t dedicate the whole day to six thousand pesos, because I have a family to support and It’s not enough for my daughter’s tuition, then let’s hope that things are resolved and we can reach an agreement”, mentioned the medalist in London 2012 in statements published by Millennium.

Injury affected his participation in Tokyo 2020

In addition, Ivan Garcia He referred to the injury he suffered and which was key to not achieving the desired objectives in Tokyo 2020; In addition, he mentioned that he hopes that other of his achievements of the past year will be taken into account to define the amount of his sports scholarship.

conade I was aware of the injury I had and I got hurt inside the CNAR bubble, and doing my homework as an athlete and not being drunk. In 2021 I had an important result, which was the World Cup, where I came in second place and gave a place for Mexico; Hopefully that can also be considered and not just the result of the Olympic Games, where there was a risk of not competing, and I said ‘I’m here and I have to try’.

“Unfortunately things did not happen, because I couldn’t even walk anymore but I realized the seriousness of my injury while in the Villa through an MRI, since in the CNAR the doctors did not have what it takes to realize the type of injury he had,” he shared.

With a view to the Olympic Games; Pollo García does it for his daughter

Despite the difficulties, Iván García does not take his finger off the line to to hang another Olympic Games medal again. Especially after her daughter asked her, since in the past summer fair the little girl fell asleep.

It will begin its preparation in the middle of this 2022 to arrive in the best shape for the competitions scheduled for the following year, such as the Central American and Pan American Games and the World Cup, in which they will have the opportunity to obtain an Olympic place.

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