Alexandra Daddario has bid farewell to life without pants as she returns to the acting team

Alexandra Daddario has always had style, and red carpet appearances and events have been a big part of her schedule for her various TV and movie roles. she even memorably recreated a white lotus scene at one of these fashion events, but there was a time during the pandemic when things got pretty casual and sometimes even pantsless for celebs who were used to dropping names like “Louboutin” on the red carpet before that the world closed. below.

In a recent interview, Forbes asked Alexandra Daddario if she had “taken advantage” of her ability to be at home and in loungewear during the pandemic. those of you who follow the newly engaged movie star you should probably already know the answer to that. The Baywatch The star was seen in many bikinis during the early days of the pandemic and also had a viral post about how he planned to live life without pants while she could. These days, though, she seems like she’s slipping back into a more glamorous routine. She told the outlet:

Oh, I definitely took advantage of the uniform of sweatshirts and pajamas in recent years. So much so that I have a new appreciation for style and dressing well.

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