Peaky Blinders: 8 crime series that you must see if you are a fan of the series

Peaky Blinders is about to come to an end and that has his fans desperate to find his replacement. And of course that doesn’t exist, nobody is going to do another identical series after this one, but there are already some others with similar elements and those can be a very good alternative.

The sixth season of Peaky Blinders it’s going to follow up with a movie (and there are also other movies you can watch while you wait) and that’s going to be the end of one of the most epic stories of recent years, where we met a crime family that ruled the streets of England , having to deal with poverty, post-war economic and psychological problems and violence, all with a style that never ceases to inspire and with great protagonists who are already an important part of popular culture.

At its heart, it is a story about how an empire can be built (in this case after the war and with a criminal context) and the way in which it is made, written and acted turned Peaky Blinders into a worldwide hit.

The thing about shows these days is that we blow them away in one weekend, so as soon as one ends, we start looking for the next one. And in the case of Peaky Blinders there are some worthwhile options.

The series you must see if you liked Peaky Blinders:

Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul (Netflix)


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When it comes to creating a criminal empire, inspiring fear and respect, Walter White is a worthy follower of Tommy Shelby. breaking bad shows us how desperation and circumstances lead a man, an ordinary high school teacher, to look for illegal alternatives to get ahead, creating a successful drug business that he had to protect from his enemies, all to support his family. .

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