La Jornada – They refute the bishop who asks to penalize abortion

The National Citizen Observatory of Femicide (OCNF) expressed concern about the statements of the Bishop of the Chilpancingo-Chilapa Diocese, Salvador Rangel Mendoza, who assured that “it is dangerous to decriminalize abortion” in Guerrero, proposing to hold a citizen consultation.

He reiterated the necessary respect for the secular State, where the legal debate and the guarantee of women’s rights must prevail, for which they considered “irresponsible” that religious leaders manifest themselves on an issue that -in addition to being outside their competence- “It generates hatred, discrimination and violence towards women, towards defenders of reproductive rights and women’s health and towards legislators who seek to legislate on the matter.”

He added that contrary to this, the interference and putting religious beliefs and “moralistic” positions before, violates the rights of women and puts life, physical and emotional health at risk.

He pointed out that the decriminalization of abortion does not oblige anyone to practice it and that the reform initiative presented in the Congress of Guerrero “is an avant-garde proposal that, in addition to weighing the rights of women, girls and adolescents from Guerrero, would comply with the measures dictated by the Ministry of the Interior at the three levels of government, within the framework of the Declaration of Alert of Gender Violence against Women (AVGM) for comparative offense, made on June 5, 2020 and would provide legal certainty to guarantee the Legal Interruption of the Pregnancy (ILE) up to 12 weeks of gestation”.

They added that as one of the consequences, after the presentation of the initiative in Congress, there have been disqualifications via social networks and even death threats against legislators, paradoxically, those who defend life, at the same time threaten death for what They called for the Ministry of the Interior to take the urgent and necessary measures to safeguard the life and physical integrity of the legislators of the State of Guerrero so that they can legislate without their lives being at risk and guarantee the prevalence of the secular State.

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