Liborio Sánchez attacked Marcelo Michel Leaño

Liborio Sanchez, a Chivas exporter who now plays for Xinabajul Huehue Social and Sports Club of the National Soccer League of Guatemala, did not hide his annoyance about the arrival of Marcelo Michel Leano to the bench of Sacred Flock.

yes it was annoying (see Marcelo Michel Leaño as coach of Chivas) and I told my wife: ‘just look at this cab…, that in his pin… life he’s kicked a ball and now he’s the coach of the most important club in Mexico,'” the goalkeeper mentioned in statements published by ESPN.

Likewise, the goalkeeper was against not being given the opportunity to lead other better prepared coaches, because he asserted that it is unlikely that they have a opportunity like the one Leaño had with Chivas.

“What surprises me is that with so many players and former players who were selected, who stepped on many courts and they have prepared themselves for such an opportunity, it has not been given to them, are the injustices that one says in football, or is the lever Or is it some other kind of thing.

“Here in Guatemala is Irving Rovirosa, Robert Hernandez who has just been champion, is also Raul Arias and they have not been given the opportunity to lead a team in Mexico, what is it about? Do they sweeten their ears or sell them a lot of smoke, “he said.

Lack of experience

The statements of Liborio Sanchez They did not end there, because he also mentioned that a coach who was not a soccer player does not have the experience to demand from his players, because he assured that even if he was prepared with studies, it will never be the same.

“It’s not going to be the same sitting down and taking classes, you can go to Europe and you can learn from the best, but it’s not the same for someone to be telling you, for you to live it.

“A goat… who has never set foot on a pitch, who does not know what the taste of a defeat or a victory is, scoring a goal or saving a penalty, cannot speak of hue… or pride; apart from the fact that you get to see people who have had a hard time getting here and the other has a strong last name in Guadalajara and that his first job was to be a coach’s driver, “he concluded.

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