Despite the abandonment of the Federation, Guanajuato guarantees supply of medicine for children with cancer – El Sol de León

Irapuato, Gto (OEM – Informex).- Francisco Magos, general director of Health Services of Guanajuato, pointed out that despite the shortage of medicines for children with cancer at the Federal level in the entity, it has been possible to guarantee medicines for children suffering from this disease. illness.

He stressed that the Federal Government has not been able to consolidate the purchase of enough medicine to supply the demand for medicines for children with cancer and said that the entity is committed to ensuring that children have timely access to their medicines.

“The panorama at the national level is the same, they have not been able to have the consolidated purchases that the Federal Government has, in the state of Guanajuato there are mechanisms established by the State Government and the Ministry of Health so that all children living with cancer receive their treatment with opportunity”.

He said that the issue of health is a priority and expressed that for this reason there should be no speculation in the supply of medicines, since the lives of dozens of citizens who need to continue their treatment against various diseases depend on it.

He expressed that the panorama at the national level is complex because drug providers for children with cancer are required to have the availability and scope to supply the entire country and currently there have been complications.

He pointed out that Guanajuato has managed to establish mechanisms so that all children have their medication and apply it in a timely manner in their fight against the disease.

“It also continues to be a difficult scenario at the national level that the providers who are introducing these drugs to the country have the availability so that they are with opportunity in all the states and not just in Guanajuato.”

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