Charros vs. Tomateros | Best moments LIVE | Game 7 | final series

Race, Race, Race!

The “Little Puppy” arrives at the bat to, with a full account, drives the sixth run of the Charros scored by Flores.

There is no bad fifth!

Quiroz arrives to welcome the reliever from Culiacán and with a single drives the run scored by Zazueta.

Charro Race!

Fernando Flores connects an RBI shot to left field and Agustín Murillo scores the fourth for Charros.

Zazueta again!

He connects a shot that goes through center field and the charros have a man on third and first. There are no outs on the board.

Bernardino is intractable!

It’s three and it’s out for Culiacan in the top of the fourth inning.

End of third inning

The third entry is history. The Charros do not produce anything and Culiacán returns to the bat. Brennan Bernardino is still on the mound.

Alvarez hit!

Daniel Alvarez connects a hit and is placed at first base. There is one out on the board when Felix Perez comes to bat.

Great job from the Charros pitcher!

The top of the third ends and the locals maintain the distance of three runs on the scoreboard.

end of the second

The lower part of the second inning ends, which was productive for those from Jalisco. Now Brennan will come to try to keep zero.

And the third entered!

José Aguilar produces another extra base and now Flores scores the third for Jalisco.

There are already two for the Charros!

Flores connects a double to propel Amadeo Zazueta to the plate

Race, Race, Race!

With a hit by Zazueta, the first one enters for the Charros and the stadium goes crazy.

Villanueva hit!

Villanueva connects a hit that goes down the line and manages to get to first base. Murillo comes up in the batting order.

Bernardino hangs the zero!

Bernardino controls the Tomateros, with three dominated batsmen in order! The Charros return to bat.

Finish the first post!

Charros left a man on second base, but was unable to get ahead on the scoreboard. Bernardino is back on the mound.


Esteban Quiroz connects a hit that goes through center field, but causes the out on Aguilar.

Aguilar hit!

The Charros have a man on first, with no outs. The next to take the bat is Esteban Quiroz

Finish the top of the first inning!

With a double Play, Bernardino beats Meneses and keeps the zero on the scoreboard. It’s the turn of those from Jalisco at bat. The first in the order is Aguilar.

Play Ball in Zapopan!

Brennan Bernardino, of the Charros, goes up to the mound to start the seventh and last game of the LMP final series.

Everything ready in Zapopan!

The Charros de Jalisco and the Tomateros de Culiacán take to the field to sing the national anthem.

Charro Lineup

With these men the Charros will jump in search of the title.

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