It is revealed if Luis Miguel has health problems and is bankrupt

The rumors around Luis Miguel They do not end despite showing part of their intimacy in the biographical series. A few days ago, the rumor arose that the profits he had obtained from this project and his concerts had vanished. Therefore, the singer finds himself bankrupt again. Given this, Tony Mauri, who is a close friend of the interpreter of “La unconditional”, spoke about his economic situation

“I don’t think so. He put together a very interesting, very solid team. I don’t think he’s in that situation. As far as I know, personally, he’s not in that situation,” Mauri told the Mexican television program the sun rises (TV image). “He has done a great job with everything that has come through the series, the tour that he had was very successful.”

Regarding the health situation where it was pointed out that Sun He had had an accident that could cost him to lose an arm, the actor also denied that information. “I, Toño Mauri, as far as I know, no. I have not registered that I have a problem with my arm, ever,” he warned. What he revealed is that the singer is working to record a new album.

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“What I do know is that he is very motivated, he is looking for songs,” he revealed. “It’s Luis Miguel, so what we want is for more things to come out, especially music.”

Toño Mauri assures that now Luis Miguel has become a more spiritual person who has matured over time. “I think so [es una persona muy cercana a Dios] , in his own way, his way of being because he gave a lot of meaning to his rosary and because I think that, like everyone else, circumstances make you more sensitive, open your eyes and realize many things. And yes, I can say that Luis Miguel right now is not the same as ten years ago; it’s someone else. It is part of maturity, of learning that life gives you. Yes, I think he is a person who has changed a lot, definitely yes,” he concluded.

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