Free game! FEAR 3 is available for free on the Xbox Store

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It’s always exciting when there are opportunities to get games for free and while this is sometimes advertised by the companies and platforms involved, there are others where it happens without notice. In this case, if you are an Xbox user, we recommend that you run as soon as possible to get a digital copy of FEAR 3.

Run! FEAR 3 it’s free on the xbox store

A few moments ago, our ever vigilant team at LEVEL UP discovered that the horror-themed FPS, FEAR 3 is available for free on the Xbox Store in what could very well be an unexpected surprise or bug. What happens is that if you look for the Day 1 Studios game in the store you will not find it in that situation, however, when you enter this link you will be sent to the section of the game in its digital version of Xbox 360, where it appears as a free game and it will be enough for you to claim it to add it to your account.

FEAR 3 free
FEAR 3 free

Since there is no official information about what is going on with FEAR 3 In its Xbox version, our recommendation is that you go to the brand’s store as soon as possible to get it. While it’s not an FPS powerhouse, the franchise had its good times and, boy, won’t it cost you a dime.

Still here at LEVEL UP.

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