the most frequent tricks in the ‘free shipping’

Yes in your online shopping you end up paying more for shipping than for what you bought, even though they offer you “free shipping”, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (prophet) unveiled some measures that will help you not pay that much.

Through its official Twitter account, Profeco pointed out that when shopping online, some companies resort to the famous “free shipping” in order to increase their sales, but in some cases it could be a trick, so which issued some recommendations.

How does “free shipping” work?

The first thing you should take into account before making a purchase is that, in general, companies ask you for a minimum purchase so that they can cover the shipping cost and that their profits are not affected.

Profeco gave an example: users enter a page to buy headphones that cost 199 pesos but with free shipping, but at the end of the purchase a message appears that you must add 100 pesos more to obtain that benefit or else you will have to pay 99 pesos for shipping.

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In this case, the options that buyers have are two, the first is to place the order for the 199 and pay the shipping cost, or the second, add another product so that they do not pay the shipping. In either case, customers would be covering this amount without realizing it.

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So that this does not happen to you, the attorney recommends not to get carried away by free shipping, read the fine print and pay special attention to the restrictions of those who offer the product, which can be:

  • Put long waiting periods.
  • Limited delivery area or, if applicable, maximum delivery distance.
  • Pay a subscription for free shipping.
  • It does not allow you to modify or cancel your order.
  • It does not allow you to change the shipping address.
  • Add additional concepts such as your own and other fees.
  • Limit the size, weight, or volume of product they will ship.

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