Wikitrivia is the new viral internet game

These days Wordle takes the cake as the most popular online game. However, we should not rule out wikitrivia as the next big thing for those looking for a way to pass the time while surfing the web. We are talking about a proposal that challenges us to put our knowledge of history into practice by order a series of events according to when they happened.

The idea is simple, but really entertaining. Entering Wikitrivia we find a randomly generated card that we must accommodate in front or behind another (too random) that is already located on the timeline. The events that are presented to us are related to very varied issues, and that also impacts the difficulty of one movement or another.

Thus, for example, we may have to interact with a card about when the Japanese construction company Kongō Gumi was founded, and the next one referring to the year actor Tom Holland was born. Some answers are more logical than others, and therein also lies the appeal of Wikitrivia, since we don’t know what will happen to us next.

Another feature of this online game is that our possibilities are not unlimited. On the contrary, we start each game knowing that we can make a maximum of three mistakes. Each wrong move costs us a “life”; they are symbolized with hearts on the top edge of the graphical interface. And once we reach the limit of wrong answers, Wikitrivia will tell us what our streak of correct answers has been and invite us to play again to overcome it.

Wikitrivia presents us with a component that is as addictive as it is educational

With a simple premise, Wikitrivia is one more example of how something can be located. at the intersection between the entertaining, the addictive and the educational. But this is not achieved without facing some challenges, of course.

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