Price of the dollar today January 18, peso loses the session

Today, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the dollar quotes at 20.4130 pesos per unit with an upward trend in real time. According to the report of Banxico, the peso loses 10.99 cents in the exchange rate to settle at 20.4067 pesos per unit against the spot interbank dollar. On this day, the Mexican peso depreciated.

According to the economist Gabriela Siller, normally a rise in the costs of Petroleum It is a help for the Mexican peso, but the rising prices of this commodity at a level not seen since 2014 did not have that effect to alleviate the local currency.

Pressured by a growing aversion to the effects that the variant Omicron may have on the economy, the peso depreciated in a session in which only the Korean won and the Chilean peso closed with gains against the dollar in the foreign exchange market.

Dollar price in banks mexicans:

  • Bank of Mexico: Buy $20.4067- Sell: $20.4067
  • HSBC: Purchase: $20.00 – Sale: $20.68
  • Banamex: Buy: $19.78 – Sell: $20.91
  • Bancomer: Buy: $19.77 – Sell: $20.67
  • Banorte: Purchase: $19.25 – Sale: $20.65
  • Scotiabank: Purchase: $18.30 – Sale: $21.30
  • IXE: Purchase: $19.25 – Sale: $20.65
  • Bajio Bank: Purchase: $19.70 – Sale: $20.90
  • Monex: Purchase: $20.00 – Sale: $21.00
  • Azteca Bank: Purchase: $19.50 – Sale: $20.09
  • Inbursa: Purchase: $19.80 – Sale: $20.80
  • Santander: Purchase: $19.47 – Sale: $21.00
  • Exchange: Purchase: $19.90 – Sale: $20.92
  • Banregio: Purchase: $19.00 – Sale: $21.00

As for the bitcoin, at the moment it is at 42,388.8 dollars with an upward trend in real time.

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referring to euro, it is quoted at $23.12 pesos, for $27.75 pesos of the pound sterling overall average.

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