Fitness: 5 easy exercises that burn MORE calories in less time

We are starting the year and it is the perfect time to make healthy habits or lead a healthy life. fitness. That is why today we tell you what are the easy exercises that burn more calories in less time.

So if you want to make a change in 2022 and lead a much healthier life, these exercises are undoubtedly for you.


Swimming is one of the exercises that burns more calories in a short time, because in this activity all the muscles of the body move, which are strengthened to the maximum. Swimming helps you burn more than 500 calories in an hour.

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If you hate going to the gym, but love to party, this exercise is definitely for you, because it’s all about dancing. This activity is a cardiovascular exercise that helps you burn 600 calories in an hour And the best thing is that in an easy and fun way, so you won’t even notice that you’re exercising.

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Jump the rope

One of our favorite exercises is jumping rope, as it is extremely easy and very effective, as it can burn up to 1200 calories in an hour. The best thing is that it is a very entertaining activity that you can do at home.

easy exercises
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Climbing stairs

This exercise is ideal for those who want to tone their legs or increase their buttocks and the best thing is that you can do it at home, outdoors or in the gym. This simple activity helps you burn 420 calories in 60 minutes.

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If you love outdoor sports or want to start going to the gym, one of the easy exercises you should do is cycling, as it helps you tone your lower body and is undoubtedly the ideal activity if you want to lose weight. Cycling can help you burn up to 1200 calories in an hour.

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So start the year with everything with these easy exercises, as they will help you burn more calories in less time.


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