‘They lost without putting their hands’; Álvaro Morales mocks Chivas

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The Chivas they had a good start to the tournament after thrashed for 3-0 to Mazatlan on date 1, a fact that put them off momentary leaders, but after his mistake concert against Pachucamany have been won critics, mainly from Alvaro Morales.

El Brujo attacked the Chivas at all times on social networks, because he made fun of the mistakes of Tiba Sepulveda and Raul Gudino, who practically ‘gave victory to Pachuca’, so they attacked with everything.

What did Álvaro Morales say about Chivas?

Through his Twitter account, Alvaro Morales shared some post Y a video laughing at Chivas, where in the first instance he referred to the ‘leader of a few hours’Well, as we know, the herd lost the place of honor after the Pumas game.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The rojiblanco team, leader in the first hours from date one, he lost without putting his hands. Keep believing in Valdano-bielsismo-menotismo”, Morales wrote.

In addition to this, at all times called the team ‘Chi-VAR’ for him criminal that grantn and other actions. He made fun of Gudiño and Sepúlveda, arguing that ‘you don’t make one of the two’, of the bad times they are going through and also of Michel Leano, because many They saw him as ‘their savior’.

The Chivitas Striped from Guadalajara hahahahahahahaha, the chivis chivis, that they were leaders for a few hours on date 1, they lost. Keep saying that Tiba is good, keep going, keep going,” Álvaro Morales said on video.

The next engagement of the Chivas will be the saturday january 22 when they receive the Queretaro, duel agreed to start at the point of 5:00 p.m.


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