Michelle Salas reveals her diet to lose weight in a week

At Panorama we know that the beginning of 2022 is a new opportunity to return to positive practices in our daily lives, which is why we show you Michelles Salas’ fitness tricks to have an impactful body, the best thing is that they are positive habits that will transform your silhouette .

If you want to tone your body in the coming months, we recommend taking care of your diet to complement your sports routine, so learn some secrets from Luis Miguel’s daughter to have a flat abdomen and strong muscles. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to have a firm bodysuit!

This is how Michelle Salas gets an impact body

Through the Instagram account ‘Drunk by beauty’, the influencer shared a couple of breakfasts that are very easy to make with ingredients that you probably already have at home, so take note of these ideal dishes to start the day with a lot of energy and flavor .

Everything indicates that Salas does not forgive his morning coffee and it is that in a photograph he published this drink accompanied by a bowl of fruit. “Collagen coffee + Spirulina Granola + Greek Yogurt = ??”, he wrote in his post, an option that is very easy to prepare as well as fast.

Also, in his featured stories, he confessed that he cannot resist pancakes with red fruits and the truth is, it is one of the ideas that we like the most to incorporate into our diet.

We hope that the celebrity continues to share more of her secrets to having a sculptural bodysuit, as she inspires us to try her tips. You, would you try these breakfasts?


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