So you can be part of Salud en Tu Vida and earn up to 8 thousand pesos

The Secretary of Health of Mexico City will allocate 109 million 620 thousand pesos for the program Health in Your Life to face risks for chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, or diabetes, among other.

According to the program guidelines published in the Official Gazette in a BIS edition, it is indicated that the objective of the allocated budget is to cover the delivery of support of up to 1,272 service facilitators that are part of this social action for fiscal year 2022.

The facilitators are going to carry out activities of intervention, dissemination, concertation and community bonding, as well as promote processes of citizen organization, which facilitate the carrying out of joint actions between inhabitants and the government; including the convening, formation, organization and follow-up of the health commissions.

The support per service facilitator is broken down as follows: Up to 154 Type A service facilitators will receive twelve monthly payments of 8,500 pesos.

And up to 1,118 people facilitating Type B services will receive twelve monthly payments of 7,000 pesos.

To access social action, all service facilitators must meet the requirements to comply with these operating guidelines:

Requirements to be part of the program

  • Be a resident of one of the 16 Mayors of Mexico City.
  • Reside in the territorial demarcation of the mayor’s office in which he intends to participate.
  • Be at least eighteen years old.
  • Have time availability.
  • Not receiving financial support within the framework of any social program or similar social action.
  • Willingness to respect and adhere to security protocols and the methodology established by the program.
  • Attachment to the institutional order in the development of activities.
  • Have experience in field work and dealing with people, as well as ease of teamwork
  • High level of responsibility, commitment and empathy.
  • Assertive communication skills and active listening skills.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • Have Mexican citizenship in full exercise of their rights or a foreigner whose immigration status allows them.
  • Be part of social action.
  • Not be incorporated into another program or action as a service facilitator.



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