Conclusions of the Saturday session of the Wild Card Round

The Bills and Bengals will go ahead in the playoffs, but what are the lessons the teams learned at the start of the playoffs?

The Wild Card Round of the NFL started with victories for the locals, including the night beating of the buffalo bills to the New England Patriots.

Bills Y Cincinnati Bengals will have to wait until Sunday night to meet their rivals, as soon as the winner is defined between Pittsburgh Steelers Y Kansas City Chiefs.

Josh Allen and Joe Burrow had stellar games, but defenses were also big players this Saturday night.

These are the conclusions of the Saturday session of the Wild Card Round:

What you should know: The raiders paid the price for a slow start, after taking a 3-0 lead, Las Vegas they trailed 20-6 in the first half, a gap they couldn’t recover from, especially on a day when Derek Carr could only help with a touchdown pass. It is true that Carr was not entirely productive, but the defeat should not fall on his shoulders, there were mistakes in all areas.

Should they keep raiders Rich Bisaccia as his full-time head coach? Bisaccia became the first interim head coach in history to lead his team to the playoffs. It is true that he inherited a club that was still competitive when Jon Gruden’s abrupt departure occurred during the season, but the raiders they had to overcome a few more off-the-court issues, including the departure of wide receiver Henry Ruggs III, but that didn’t stop them from finishing the season with a solid 7-5 record and a dramatic playoff berth. Las Vegas You shouldn’t look away from home for your new head coach, you have a very capable one in Biscaccia, who has at least earned the opportunity to have a full year on the job.

What you should know: The Bengals they scored points in all quarters and were able to stop the passing offense of the raiders, something they will have to repeat next week if they want to continue advancing in the playoffs, regardless of who their rival is. Cincinnati ended a 31-year playoff drought and did it in a big way, so there’s no reason to stop believing the Bengals they are legitimate contenders for the AFC title.

Will anyone be able to stop Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase? Burrow led six scoring drives in his playoff debut, displaying the kind of poise one expects to see in a quarterback carrying the hopes of a franchise. Chase was Burrow’s ideal partner throughout the season and in the playoffs the story is no different, combining on nine passes for 116 yards, though no touchdowns, but the latter is not a bad sign, because opposing defenses are so focused on the rookie receiver that the rest of the offense finds more room to operate.

What you should know: The patriots they were beaten like never before in history with Bill Belichick as their head coach. New England just had no answer to stop the Bills at no stage in the game, in fact, did they even come close to giving up a touchdown on special teams if it wasn’t for Micah Hyde getting tackled by his own teammate. really the patriots They had very few positive points tonight.

Is there reason to worry about Mac Jones errors? No. The patriots You shouldn’t hit the panic button under any circumstances (and you won’t). Basically, New England he was in a transition year and with that he was enough to reach the playoffs despite the obvious gaps in his squad. The patriots they need to surround Jones with more talent so his offense can produce points and not all fall on his defense, which once it was broken there was no way to reverse the beating.

What you should know: The offensive of Bills he played a stellar plan, running over one of the most dangerous units in the NFL. Josh Allen limited errors and systematically destroyed the defensive plan of the patriots, both with his arm and with his legs. The Bills they scored touchdowns on their first seven possessions and did not use any of their kickers in the game. If he maintains this level the rest of the way, hardly anyone will stop him. buffalo.

Should they worry? Bills for the problems of his kicker? buffalo It was not necessary to look for a field goal to change the course of the game and after tonight they will surely prefer not to find themselves in that scenario. Tyler Bass missed two extra point attempts and another one bounced off the post before entering. The Bills they must correct these mistakes quickly so they don’t suffer in the Divisional Round and beyond if they continue to advance in the playoffs.


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