This is the most effective vitamin to fight aging

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The gastroenterologist Elena Tulpina has explained how vitamin B2 prevents the body from aging, guaranteeing the health of the skin and hair.

Group B vitamins, including B2, are involved in all biochemical processes in the body. This is necessary for the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

This was pointed out by Elena Tulpina in a interview with channel 5, where he explained that vitamin B2 is also known as the vitamin of the beauty because he participates in the synthesis of protein molecules of the organism and delays aging.

The gastroenterologist recalled that foods rich in vitamin B2 have animal and plant origin. Thus, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, liver, kidneys, as well as mushrooms and pine nuts are rich in this element.

“Given the high caloric value of pine nuts, we do not consume them in the quantities necessary to compensate for the lack of vitamin B2,” the specialist stressed.

To establish the levels of vitamin B2, the specialist recommends going to a specialist doctor and undergoing analysis, to determine exactly the appropriate dose required by the body.

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Sputnik, for responsible health care

The opinions expressed by the experts in this article are shared solely for educational and informational purposes, and are not intended to serve as a universal medical diagnosis or treatment. Sputnik points out the need to consult a specialist before putting into practice any of the advice published here.



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