The Mission Impossible action scene that obsessed Tom Cruise and managed to film on the last take

One of the most memorable scenes Mission Impossible was close to being discarded, due to the difficulty it had Tom Cruise to run it. This was revealed by the actor, recognized in the industry for the characteristic stamp of performing his own risk scenes, in a series of interviews with Christopher McQuarrie -director and screenwriter of the fifth, sixth, seventh (to be released in 2022) and eighth (2023) installments of the saga- which are included in the Blu-ray that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the first installment of the multi-million dollar film franchise.

In one of those conversations, Cruise He said that he was unable to stop in time during the maneuver in which, supported by a cable, he descended to the vault of the CIA headquarters. The reason It was, according to him, that he couldn’t balance his body weight in time. “We were running out of time and I kept hitting my face [contra el piso] and the socket didn’t work”, recalled the protagonist, explaining that finally asked members of the production team to lend him sterling coins -that instance of filming was held in London-, that he placed in his shoes in order to generate counterweight.

“[El director] Brian [De Palma] said: ‘One more and then I’m going to have to cut [directamente al momento] and do it,’” Cruise continued. “I said, ‘I can.’ And I went down to the floor and didn’t touch it. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t touch it. And I was holding on, holding on, holding on. And sweating, sweating. And he just kept filming.”

Later, the 58-year-old actor said that at that moment he understood that they had achieved the long-awaited shot and that De Palma was only playing a joke on him. Eventually, the director started laughing and yelled cut. In another of the talks, Cruise revealed that at the time De Palma called him to tell him that he had landed the leading role in the film, he was stuck in a traffic jam in Japan.

Originally scheduled for July of this year, the premiere of the seventh installment of the saga in the United States was postponed until May 27, 2022 -45 days later it will be available on the Paramount+ streaming platform-, due to the fact that the production of the The film had to be interrupted several times due to the complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Both Cruise and McQuarrie will reprise their respective roles in that film and its sequel, which is expected to be released in 2023.

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