The best HBO Max movies for 2022

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Even though HBO and HBO Max they do not have their own productionsAs is the case with the best Netflix or Amazon Prime Video movies, the streaming platform will feature some great movie titles this year.

Although HBO and HBO do not have their own productions, they do have a wide catalog of Warner Bros.

Thanks to its association with Warner Bros, movie fans will be able to enjoy some great titles on the platform, among which we recommend the following:

-“The Suicide Squad 2”: The new “Suicide Squad” movie brings together a new group of villains with Bloodsport at the helm, to face a new threat. However, this time, it is very likely that some of its members will not make it out of the mission alive. If the motto is “don’t get too attached”, you know something bad is going to happen.

-«The Matrix Resurrections»: The original “Matrix” trilogy changed the rules of action cinema in the early 2000s. This new iteration of the saga is an opportunity to enjoy Neo, Trinity and that uncertain future in which human beings live trapped inside a simulation.

-“Jackie Brown”: HBO recovers for its catalog one of the best films by Quentin Tarantino, different in rhythm and style from his most unknown films, “Jackie Brown” is the adaptation of the novel “Rum Punch” by Elmore Leonard and it is a human story, centered on a flight attendant who finds herself in a very difficult situation.

-“King Richard”: The tape tells us the story of Venus and Serena Williams, although focusing on their father, Richard. It is the story of a man with a clear vision and a plan that will make his daughters the best tennis players in the world. Both challenge the world, motivated by the commitment of a father who never abandons them.

-«Land»: Edde withdraws from the world after suffering a tragedy and tries to start over in Wyoming, away from everything and everyone. Unfortunately, Edde may not be ready for loneliness. After an accident in which he almost lost his life and with the help of Miguel Borrás, he will have to find meaning in his life again.

-“Promising Young Woman”: It is the story of revenge against a society that does not believe in women and actively works to repress any accusation of sexual assault. A hard, heartbreaking and provocative story, although without losing the sense of humor. Cassie, our protagonist, lives a double life, attracting sexual abusers to expose them.

-«News of the World»: A very solid western by Tom Hanks whose premiere went unnoticed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hanks plays a Confederate soldier who makes a living by going to small towns and reading news to people. Captain Jefferson’s life will change when he finds a girl who is being raised by Native Americans and whom he will have to accompany in search of her family.

-«No Sudden Move»: Directed by Steven Soderbergh, creator of “Ocean’s Eleven”, it is a different film than what we are used to. We are in the 1950s, where two gangsters hired to pressure a hapless accountant refuse to murder the man and his family. From here, the real problems will begin.

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