Holidays to remember! Leonardo DiCaprio was very kind to a group of couples

U.S. – Leonardo Dicaprio was remembered by Kelly Stafford on his recent podcast. She is the wife of the quarterback Matthew Stanford and has a great relationship with matt ryan and the woman of this. It seems that the group of four crossed paths with the Oscar-winning actor on vacation.

It seems that Kelly and her husband were in the Bahamas when they realized that Ryan was also on the island. For this reason they decided to get together to spend their vacation days together and go to an event where Matt had been invited. At first they were sitting at a table with more chairs than were occupied, so they thought it was the least popular table.

A little later, Leonardo Dicaprio joins the celebration along with a group of the actor’s friends. It seems that Kelly and her friends were especially impressed with having the Oscar-winning actor at the same table and that he was so friendly. It is that he even invited the two couples to play volleyball on the beach the next day, something they thought was a joke.

But they were impressed when the actor and his group of friends showed up at the beach the next day. They even brought their own volleyball net so they could play professionally. Clearly this moment is not something that is easily forgotten since it is not every day that you spend a moment on the beach with one of the most famous actors in the world.

It seems that to Leonardo Dicaprio He is really interested in beach sports, since after finishing the game he would have asked them to play Frisbee. This confirms his humility and how easy it is to have a good time in his company, something not very common for an actor of his level.

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