Gullit Peña was unexpectedly cut by Antigua GFC

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The stage of Carlos Peña in the Old GFC came to an end, after the club decided not to count on him for the Closure 2022 and you terminated the contract after a semester at the institution and being eliminated in the semifinals.

The decision was made by the coaching staff commanded by the Mexican Robert Montoya and the leadership of the Central American team and they only sent him the termination of the contract, which had six more months left, confirmed his agent Manuel Urenda.

“He sent us, through his sports president, a document of termination of contract. They simply want to change a game system and idea, so they have to get rid of several players. We ended on good terms. They decide Finish the contract and we wish them good luck and things go well for them,” he told ESPN.

Gullit played 16 games and scored four goals in two games, against Sports Iztapa and the Deportivo Guastatoya and his representative assured that the decision was made by surprise, since he hopes to continue.

“He took it with great surprise, it was a Cold water bucket, because it was a good tournament and everything was very good. It was something I didn’t expect, but this is soccer and this type of situation is not unrelated, it is something that happens every day in football”, he added.

“We are working, waiting for offers. What he wanted was to stay Ancient, that was his plan, it was what he wanted. So we had rejected offers. Now we are open to new proposals and hoping that something will come out that is attractive to him. We had not accepted because the desire of the ‘Gullit‘ to stay there were many”.


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