Elon Musk raises the value of a ‘token’ by more than 500% in half an hour with a single tweet


15 Jan 2022 16:37 GMT

As a result of the businessman’s tweet, the price of DOJO exceeded 0.000000049 dollars.

The price of the DOJO ‘token’ increased more than 500% in just half an hour after the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, wrote this Thursday the word ‘Dojo’ in a Tweet.

Following the publication of the tweet, the price of the DOJO surpassed $0.000000049. In November 2021, the ‘altcoin’ updated its all-time high above $0.000037.

Since then, the digital currency, operated by a decentralized organization, has dropped in price by more than 99%. This Saturday its value was 0.000000011 dollars.

What is the relationship between Musk and DOJO?

The reality, however, is that there is no relationship between the two, since Musk wrote the word ‘Dojo’ in response to a tweet that said: “Maybe someday when we have graphics processors that do sparse tensor calculations efficient, scarcity can really reduce the calculation.

In June of last year, Tesla presented a supercomputer designed to improve its autonomous driving systems, which has been defined by the company as the fifth most powerful in the world. The project is a step forward in the development of dojo, a “beast” that Elon Musk claimed will become the fastest supercomputer on the planet, surpassing Japan’s Fugaku.

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