Check if your WiFi is being stolen with these simple applications

WiFi networks have become a potpourri of connected devices. Phones, tablets, televisions, smart plugs and light bulbs, home appliances, robot vacuum cleaners… It is not easy to know how many devices have you connected to your Wi-Fi. That without taking into account possible intruders who access your network without permission. How to detect them?

Thanks to the apps that scan networks we can see at a glance what devices you have connected to your WiFi network, organize them better and, why not, identify WiFi thieves to block them from the network. You can use them from your own smartphone and run an analysis in seconds.

If you want to know your WiFi network better without having to go to the router, we offer you a selection of mobile apps that you can install on iPhone and Android. With them, your connected devices will appear reflected in a list so you can manage them better and block those you don’t want on your network.


First of all, finger. A veteran network scanner that has gotten much better over the years. First of all, it will help you analyze the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network where your smartphone is connected. It works with iPhone and Android but also on Windows and macOS.

You will see the detected devices, their local IP and, in some cases, the model and/or manufacturer of the device as well as its MAC. Entering in the tab of each device you will see more information related to each device. So you can differentiate between your connected devices and unknown devices.

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