Are you a Banamex customer and they ask you to update data? Waters, it is fraud – El Financiero

After the announcement of the sale of Banamex by Citigroup, the financial institution published a message to remind its clients of the security measures to protect their data and thus avoid being victims of bank fraud.

The message indicates that Citibanamex does not verify or update the data of its accounts by phone, email, text message (SMS) or through “any link.”

“We remind you that if you are asked for your keys, passwords or PINs (personal identification numbers) by any of these means, it is not us,” the bank said in an important message addressed to its customers.

The message was published after clients of that financial institution announced that they have received emails asking them to verify their data in less than 24 hours.

“As part of the process of selling Citibanamex business and consumer banking, we need to verify your data. Remember that if they are updated within 24 hours, your account will be blocked”, indicates the email sent by criminals to try to obtain the personal data of their possible victims.

In addition, the email includes a link to a site.

After the sale of Banamex was reported, the institution has sent emails to its clients to indicate that there are not and will not be any changes in its operation or in the products or services that they have contracted.

“There are no changes in our operations or in the products and services that you currently have contracted with us. Our offices, branches and all our channels will continue to serve you as always.” it is read in the mail that the financial institution is sending.

“Banco Nacional de México has been operating in our country for 137 years and will continue to do so, as evidenced by its history, tradition, strength and commitment,” the message continues.

Through a statement, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) reported that customers should not worry about the bank’s exit from the retail banking business.

“The sale operation will be, as they say, a ‘business in progress’, operating, doing business, improving and serving people as it has always done and therefore, its customers should not worry,” said Condusef.

He added that they will continue monitoring so that “the operation and offering of their financial products or services remain with the same quality.” This is because the bank has close to 22 million clients and is considered a systemically important institution.

Banamex sale goes long

The announcement of the exit from the retail market by Citi, which will mean the sale of Banamex, is not a bad sign, since it is part of the strategy announced by the American group throughout the world, explained Daniel Becker, president of the Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM).

He added that the process will take months to materialize. “It will be a long process and in the meantime absolutely nothing will happen until the shares are exchanged. For customers, it will continue to operate in the same way, they have absolutely nothing to worry about,” he said.

Citi announced the sale of Banamex last Tuesday, January 11. The operation includes portfolios of payroll, consumption —such as credit cards, mortgages, branch network, Afore, insurance and historical real estate—.


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