Wordle, the first viral game of 2022

Surely in recent days you have seen on Twitter or other social networks posts with grey, yellow and green squares. This is Wordle, the first viral game of 2022, where we will have to guess the hidden word in six attempts.

Everything seemed to indicate that Rust, through egoland 2, would become the protagonist of the first days of January. However, a modest game without great pretensions has stolen a large share of prominence in social networks.

Wordle was created during the pandemic by Josh Wardle, an American engineer, using a pun on his own last name for the title. It consists of guessing a five-letter word in six attempts, in the style of a crossword puzzle or a variant of the mythical hanged man. After each failure, it offers a series of clues with the already famous color boxes.

If the box in gray, the letter is not found within the word to guess. If instead it is colored in yellow, indicates that we have hit the letter, but not its position. The full hit —letter and position— is indicated by the game with the green color.

The key to its popularity is due to two key points: can only be played once a day —the unknown is always the same for 24 hours— and, above all, your invitation to share the results on networks.

Once we guess the word, Wordle gives us the option to publish our results on our networks with the attempts used to reach the solution, but without spoilers. The game only shows the colored squares and never the letters. A fun way to pique the curiosity of network users.

The original game is in english and can be played through its official website. They have not taken long to have many imitations, including variants in other languages. If you want to play in Spanish, you can also do it through this link.

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