The time Brie Bella tried to contact Leonado DiCaprio

Little or nothing has to do Leonardo DiCaprio with WWE. He is not one of the many celebrities who have appeared throughout history or even been part of a fighting history in McMahon lands. Although, for example, reference has sometimes been made to him, or to his films, as Roman Reigns did last year comparing himself to the character of Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie ‘Gangs of New York’.

“I can’t say that I built all of this around anyone who is part of this industry. In any case, I would rather talk about movies. It’s hard to explain but I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie Gangs of New York, you’ve all seen The Butcher. He knows that he is bad, but he also knows that he is a native of his land, that America is his. I like characters who have a justification, at least in their heads, for what they’re doing (…)”.

► Leonardo DiCaprio did not answer Brie Bella

And now he’s mentioned by Brie Bella. Speaking recently in Down in the DMs, the fighter who is going to return to action in Royal Rumble 2022 announced that on one occasion He sent a message to the Hollywood star for business reasons. Unfortunately, he got no response.

“Our close friends Carlo Mondavi and his fiancé Gio started an electric tractor company and what they want to do for the environment is amazing. Leo, this would be huge not only for the environment, but especially for agriculture (reading the message sent to the actor). I thought that would have really caught his attention. And then it wasn’t. So Leo, if you’re listening, text me back!!”

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