The henley shirt is the coolest basic and these are the rules to wear it flawlessly

The henley shirt It is the basic that your closet cannot miss, it is ideal for any season of the year and it is a little higher than the typical round neck t-shirt, in addition to allowing you to give a retro touch to your look and it is one of the most flattering garments you can find.

Celebrities, such as Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Michael B. Jordan, they have a great love for this type of shirt and they know very well that it is one of those that can look very cool even if they only wear it with a pair of jeans and some sneakers. Besides that it is the ideal shirt to show off your muscles and everything you have achieved in the gym.

this kind of t-shirt looks like a collarless polo shirt, you usually find it in knit versions and between 2 and 3 buttons on the front. These first appeared in 19th century England and later became a staple of sportswear (they were worn by athletes participating in the Royal Regatta mid-1800s), were even adopted by the military, and after the 1970s, the fashion world began to use it as well, with brands like Ralph Lauren creating their own versions.

Currently, all kinds of brands have some kind of Henley Shirt, which has proven that, depending on how you wear it, it’s one of those items that can go from casual to formal quickly and without much fuss, plus it’s a very comfortable thsirt that looks a little more interesting than the rest.

How to wear a henley shirt?

must be well adjusted

David Beckham wears the henley with jeans

© James Devaney
David Beckham wears the henley with jeans

The key to making a henley look perfect (like the one wearing beckham in your appointments and trips) is that you wear it a little tighter, this is not a garment to wear with an oversized style, this because, being tighter, it also looks more sophisticated and highlights the muscles you may have, even if They are not very large.

Elevate your jeans

The jeans-with-a-shirt look has been a staple since the 1950s, when figures as James Dean and Steve McQueen they even started using it in their movies. The thing about this look is that it can seem like you didn’t have time to finish dressing if you don’t do it right or if you choose a sloppy t-shirt. The henley looks more thoughtful and elevated, so you can use it in all kinds of contexts, simply with good jeans, sneakers, boots or even loafers.

Short sleeve or long sleeve

Michael B Jordan wears it with a monochrome look

©Raymond Hall
Michael B Jordan wears it with a monochrome look

You can find henley t-shirts in short or long sleeves (never sleeveless). The short sleeves look modern and trendy, and if you wear them at the exact point of the arms (around the middle of the biceps), it helps them look a little bigger and more defined.

As for the long sleeve, this gives you a look like baseball uniform, which goes on the side of the vintage trend that does not go out of style. The long sleeve is also ideal for when the temperature drops, and you can even wear it without a jacket if it is not so cold, while the short sleeve is perfect for dressing with layers.

Open buttons

The henley has several buttons on the front, usually between 2 and 3, which means you can open them to make it look more sexy and cool. Preferably, open only the first two buttons, since if you show too much skin it can look bad taste.

Retro style

Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country

Think of shows like Lovecraft Country (one of the best current horror series) and on the rowing athletes’ uniforms. The henley shirt is quite old, which is why it is ideal for creating retro looks, with high-waisted pants (which are also a trend) and military-inspired garments, such as cargo pants or a bomber jacket.

The advantage of the retro style is that it goes beyond trends and you can always combine classic elements with more modern ones so that they continue to look current. Besides that it is a good way to show your personality.


Jason Momoa uses it formally

© Tim P. Whitby
Jason Momoa uses it formally

The henley It can definitely be worn on its own, but its shape makes it ideal to wear under other clothing such as a military jacket, biker jacket or even a jacket. formal blazer or vest. These tend to be more fitted, so they don’t look or feel bulky, and adding a garment on top is what can help make them look more formal.

Wear dress pants, a henley and a blazer and you have a perfect look for going to work. You can even wear an overshirt for a more relaxed look.

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