The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game

Social networks have been taken by storm at the beginning of 2022 for a game as simple as it is addictive, that’s why we bring you the funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game. More and more users are sharing their scores on both Twitter and Facebook, which has inevitably caused ingenuity to expand in the form of memes to humorously reflect the surprising emergence of this unexpected phenomenon that has managed to bury memes of Egoland or Barcelona-Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, big words.

Before Wordle went viral in Spain and Latin America, in the Anglo-Saxon world there were already social network users bragging about their scores. We will not comment on the fact that they have succeeded thanks to their deduction abilities or with a simple stroke of luck, because for that Batman is already delivering justice and slaps, as in this meme

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 1

the individual wordle scores design that we share on the networks looks suspiciously like the graph in movie theaters. We are reaching the point where we no longer know when we are solving the word of the day and when choosing a seat to see the superhero movie of the day.

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 2

The wordle virality secrets they can be in one of our most present instincts in social networks: to show off. Anyone would say that the number of gifted people that we have in our environment has multiplied since Wordle has come into our lives, or at least that is what they themselves say.

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 3

Wordle is succeeding all over the world for a factor that not many games have: you can only solve one word per day, which inevitably leaves us wanting more and can mean that we don’t get tired as quickly as with other alternatives. Of course, from playing our daily game to being our number one priority every morning… There is a stretch (or there should be).

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 4

The morning slot on Twitter has become a real nightmare, and there is more users sharing their Wordle scores than in the traffic jams of the M-30 in Madrid. Is it a matter of time or will we have to get used to navigating this sea of ​​green, yellow and gray squares?

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 5

Although it has spread throughout the world like a virus from which no one seems to be free, there are some members who resist discouragement unaffordable without fall into the clutches of Wordle. Will they last much longer or will they end up giving in to the pressure of social networks and the desire to be popular?

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 6

wordle’s rules They’re relatively simple, but for those of you who haven’t been bitten by the curiosity bug, that square with a score that many of your contacts share on Twitter or Facebook may seem strange.

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 7

The worst of all is that it is already so settled in the day to day that it can give us some hesitation to even ask how to play wordle, which has generated this meme with Chris Pratt in which, at this point, one has been somewhat more than outdated in the frenetic world of social networks.

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 10

It is difficult to deceive the most veterans, and there are numerous users who rightly point out on Twitter and Facebook that Wordle is nothing more than a 21st century update to the Mastermind 40 years ago or lingo, a general culture program that was quite successful on La 2 in the 1990s. Ramoncín was the presenter at the head of that project. As we have changed.

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 8

If you have reached the end of this article, we save for you what is possibly the most precious meme, the one that reflects the situation we are experiencing better than anyone else. Yes, be clear, friend; your result in Wordle It’s not that it’s the most interesting thing for your followers, that’s why we tell you from the hand of Gustavo the frog (René if you read us from Latin America).

The funniest memes of Wordle, the fashion game 9

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