Kirby’s 30th Anniversary Promises Many Activities About The Franchise

If you thought the news about Kirby and the Forgotten Land was good news, hold on tight if you’re a fan of the pink ball. As the Japanese account of the franchise has just confirmed, Nintendo would be preparing multitude of events for the 30th anniversary of Kirby, which will be held throughout the year with numerous activities. Of course, among them will be the release of the long-awaited three-dimensional game of the character, but everything will not be limited to that.

We leave you with Kirby’s 30th anniversary announcement tweet next to your promotional image:

Of course, we still have no idea what these activities might consist of, but things are looking pretty good! Having said all this, we leave you with the synopsis of kirby and the forgotten land, which as you know, will be released this March 25:

Kirby’s next adventure for Nintendo Switch makes the leap to 3D! In this new installment, players will be able to move freely through 3D areas using Kirby’s well-known copy abilities. What awaits our rosy protagonist in a mysterious environment full of abandoned structures of an ancient civilization?

What do you think? Eager to see what Nintendo has in store for Kirby’s 30th anniversary? Without a doubt, it promises to be quite a celebration!


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