Juan Escobar, in conversation with La Maquina to extend his contract

Blue Cross A deep renovation of the campus began, but it has already detected its next referents and one of them is the Paraguayan John Escobar.

The Guarani defender ends his contract in June with Machine, but the cement entity is determined to extend the link with the South American player, contrary to what happened with Walter Montoya and Yoshimar Yotun.

In this situation, the environment escobar revealed to RECORD that the conversations between the parties involved have already begun and the player has the will to remain in the cement club.

Along the same lines, the source confirms that there is a good relationship between all the parties, so they expect the club to meet the financial expectations of John Escobar and thereby lengthen his bond as a player of Blue Cross.

Juan Escobar in celebration after victory

In such a way that they hope that in the coming weeks a definitive meeting will take place between the cement dome and the representative of the Paraguayan player.

Among the causes found Machine to extend the link with John Escobar They find their versatility to act as central and right back, in addition to the way they behave on and off the field.

Juan Escobar in action against Chivas

And it is that in Blue Cross they do not want to suffer with the search for a player on the right side as they did for so long before finalizing the signing of Alexander Mayorga as a left side.

However, although everything seems to line up so that Juan Escobar and Cruz Azul reach an agreement soon, his entourage assures that they already have at least serious offers from Brazilian soccer.



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