Jennifer López and Ben Affleck separate and here we tell you the reasons

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There is no doubt that the love story between Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck It is one of the most talked about in the international show and why not, one of the most beautiful too.

The couple joined more than 20 years ago and they were together for a long time, however, in the year 2004, With a marriage proposal in between, the actors decided to walk away and end the relationship.

The reason? Unfortunately, they lead very different lifestyles. Jlo for his part is a person who calls himself a “workaholic” and at the same time, leads a very healthy life and Affleck at the time, it was the opposite,He had problems with alcohol and abused many substances. In addition, to that we must add the expectation of the press that little or nothing helped them.

That led to the end of the relationship, but almost 20 years later They got back together and today they shout their love from the rooftops.

Is Jlo going to separate again from Ben Affleck?

The answer is yesBut don’t worry, not forever If not, they will be away for a while due to work issues..

Nowadays, Jlo is on the set of the movie “The Mother”, an action film that will reunite her with the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. That is why Jennifer López will have to spend several weeks on the Island of Gran Canaria, Spain, that is, away from your partner.

But only for the recording of the film, once finished, she will return to the arms of her beloved Ben.

What is coming for Jennifer Lopez in the coming weeks?

It should be remembered that the actress, model and businesswoman, is about to release a new movie where we can see her on screen with the Colombian singer Maluma and the American actor Owen Wilson.

“Marry me” is the name of the tape that It will be released on February 11 in the United States and there we will meet “Katalina ‘Kat’ Valdes“, A super star performed by Jennifer Lopez, who finds herself immersed in a stormy relationship with Bastian, a successful Grammy-winning artist, played by Maluma.

The film will arrive in the middle of Valentine’s Day to break more than one heart.

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