Jennifer Aniston is shown natural and without makeup in networks

Jennifer Aniston

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Social networks were created in order to be able to be connected with our loved ones and feel close to them through their publications, but is this really the case? Over the years we have come to realize that reality on social platforms is not only incomplete, but also distorted. The reason? Each person publishes what they want you to see, even if it is not real. Infarct bodies, perfect faces, enviable lives… All this has caused, without knowing it, that the feeling of insecurity increase in many people by not having any (or even any) of them.

But what not many know -although less and less- is that in most cases, these photographs are edited or manipulated, which makes us realize that we are comparing ourselves to something unreal, non-existent.

This has made thousands and thousands of people, especially famous for their strong power of influence, bet on naturalness through the photographs and publications that they share on their networks. As is the case with Jennifer Aniston.

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The protagonist of ‘Friends’ has always been one of the most beloved celebrities in the world of cinema and television, but not only for her acting ability. Jennifer Aniston is one of those people that everyone admires for her beauty, her style, her values ​​and -especially- for her naturalness.

It is not the first time that the celebrity publishes a natural image to your personal profile. In fact, it is usually quite recurrent in it. How to forget but the iconic photograph that went up just a few months ago with the ‘Friends’ sweatshirt.

However, in the last post The interpreter is more real than ever with wet hair after getting out of the shower and without any makeup. At first it may seem like a simple photograph, but in reality it hides much more than that. Many times we deify celebrities because of the movies, video clips, advertisements or even publicity in which they appear, forgetting that they are flesh and blood people just like the rest of us.

And it is that, with acts such as those of Jennifer Aniston, we are getting closer to the main objective that we mentioned: to show the reality of everyday life and feel close to those we love, even if they are famous people, without the need to pretend and show something that is not true. Bravo!

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